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William E. Paparella
Founder and CEO

William founded Broadway National in 1989 as a local neon signage company operating out of his parents’ garage. As founder and CEO of the company, he has tapped into his entrepreneurial vision to successfully oversee the management of Broadway’s services and operations, as well the expansion of its offerings, departments, and staff for almost thirty-five years. Throughout his tenure, the company has received numerous awards in recognition of its efforts in delivering excellent customer care.

The people that he has developed relationships with over the years, both clients and his staff, are the highlight of William’s career; whether it’s new clients or employees who have been with the company for years. He enjoys cultivating each relationship to its fullest potential. He strongly believes that to continually develop and innovate within an industry, strong communication is essential.

Philanthropy plays an important role in his life. He supports Hope House and Women First for their focus on reaching out to young people in need, a cause that he is deeply passionate about.

William Paparella

Our Management Team

A team focused not on leading, but rather on helping clients attain their goals and working with staff to ensure they reach their fullest potential.

William Paparella
John Acerra
Lauren Stankunis
Michele Curnutte
Dave D'Amico
Kayla Graffia
Nicholas Martin
Nicole Heijmans Montrowl
Maria Paparella
Jessica Picon
Vince Spinnato
Kristian Valencia

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